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    • General Dentistry
      • Dental Emergencies What’s considered a dental emergency, how to get ahold of us after hours, a list of general Dentistry services
      • Invisalign & Conventional Orthodontics The benefits and differences between Invisalign and conventional bracers
      • Implants Implants are an incredible option for replacing missing teeth. They’re fused to the bone and offer support to crowns and removable restorations.
      • Root Canal Therapy There are a number of different services provided when you under go a root canal. Ranging from cleaning to shaping. Crowns have also shown to help protect the root canal from breaking.
      • Full Hygiene Services Hygiene Services include a complete examination to cleaning and an update on your overall oral health
      • Extractions Our staff has extensive experience in tooth extraction and aims to provide a calm and safe environment for all you tooth extraction needs
      • Bridges
        Bridges can play a vital role in your overall oral health by ensuring the appropriate dispersion of the strength of your bite.
      • Air Abrasion This alternative to otherwise invasive procedures allows us to remove decay while leaving the largest amount of healthy tooth available
      • Soft Tissue Laser
        With a soft tissue diode laser we’re able to perform precision task with minimal pain and bleeding
      • Sealants Offering Sealant services to adults and children alike to help prevent decay on teeth that may be more susceptible
      • Diagnodent Using wavelengths we’re able to diagnose and treat any hidden decay that may be lurking below the enamel
      • Composite Restorations Long lasting white fillings that save clients repeat trips back to have their fillings fixed. Done quickly, usually within an hour, and with a capacity to color match the existing tooth
      • Digital X-Rays
        A non-invasive, speedy, and precise method to view the X-Ray results.
      • Actuated Maintenance System
        Installs over existing conveyor belt and allows operators to effortlessly remove captured tramp metal from the magnet’s surface.
      • Dentures
        Using up to date technology to deliver state of the art digitally designed dentures
      • Velscope
        As part of our Cosmetic Dentistry Practice we offer VELscope as a means to quickly and painlessly help identify any potential risks of oral cancer and premalignant dysplasia
      • Childrens Dentistry
        Providing the best possible environment for children to feel safe and secure during their visits
    • Cosmetic Dentistry
      • Teeth Whitening Speedy and convenient options for brightening your smile
      • Composite Restorations  As part of our general dentistry options we provide a modern and easy methods that will save you time and repeat visits.
      • Implants Implants are an incredible option for replacing missing teeth. They’re fused to the bone and offer support to crowns and removable restorations.
      • Veneers With multiple options to choose from we offer veneers to cover one or more of your teeth.
      • VELscope A safe non invasive way to catch oral cancer.
    • Invisalign
      • A widely popular alternative to conventional braces. Easy to wear and that can be removed and cleaned as needed
    • Our Practice
      • About Us Information on our practice, our location, and our mission
      • Our Team  Learn more about our professional affiliation and our staff at our Kelowna location.
      • Patient Information Download a number of different forms to help us better understand and stay on top of your oral health needs.
        • After Care Information on what to do after your visit.
      • Oral Maintinence News articles on how to combat dental issues with regular maintenance.
      • Reviews Read more about what clients like yourself have to say about us.
      • FAQ’s Frequently asked questions answered
      • Products A list of all our available products
      • New & Articles Read more about the latest dental care topics.
    • Smile Gallery View before and after photos of our clients teeth