After Care

After the completion of dental treatment there are a few things to consider:

Everyones body responds differently to dental treatment. Occasionally, this will result in some soreness or tenderness in your gums, teeth, and jaw. This response will likely only last for a few days and can be comforted with headache medications, for example Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Tooth sensitivity can occur following some dental procedures. For example, restorations, crown, or bridge preparations may be sensitive to thermal changes (hot or cold) as well as chewing. This sensation may take up to 3 months to return to normal again, but if the sensitivity persists for longer, then you should notify your dental office.

Occasionally, a large area of decay (cavity), fractures, or an infected tooth may require root canal treatment after the filling is placed. This occurs in teeth where the restoration is in close contact with the center layer of the tooth (pulp) and sensitivity does not subside.

To keep the cost of dentistry low, ensure to continue brushing and flossing these restored areas, as well as all other teeth. Restored teeth can still become decayed under the fillings or crowns which will result in re-treatment. If floss is catching in these areas, ensure to let your dental office know.

Please ensure to notify your office if:

  • bite feels high or off
  • sensitivity lasts longer then 3 months (including but not limited to hot or cold, as well as pressure)
  • you have any questions or concerns