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Dental veneers are covers for your existing tooth or teeth that are comprised of stain-resistant resin-based composite or porcelain.



The purpose of dental veneers is to cover up teeth that are discoloured, misshapen or chipped to create a uniform and visually satisfying appearance.

There are two veneer types: composite and porcelain. Composite veneers are typically placed on the teeth over the course of one appointment.

Porcelain veneers may take one to two weeks to produce as a doctor will have to take an impression of your teeth to send to a lab that will prepare the veneers. Once they are ready, your doctor will prepare the existing teeth and cement the porcelain into place.

In both instances, your doctor will ensure your teeth are cleaned thoroughly and prepare the surface before adhering the veneer. This ensures the cement is solidly attached to both the tooth and veneer to keep everything in place.

To guarantee that your veneers are properly placed, your doctor may also request a follow-up visit a few weeks after the procedure. At this time, they will check the placement and examine the veneers to ensure the veneers are secure and properly placed.

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