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Children’s Dentistry

Here at Okanagan Smiles, we like to provide the kids with a fun and safe environment where they can interact freely with the staff here.


Children’s Dentistry

The first visit is the foundation of the child’s relationship with the dental field.  Kids should be seen by a dentist starting 6 months after the first tooth erupts, or at one year of age. This allows us to promptly evaluate tooth development and help the children and their guardians learn about how to effectively remove plaque and prevent cavities.

The first visit to a dentist should be a fun experience. You can prepare your child by reading books about the dentist or watch videos online to put them at ease and help them to understand what to expect. Setting a precedent for regular dental visits and making them as fun as possible sets a child up for a lifetime of proper oral care.

An initial visit may be mostly informative, with the doctor carefully examining your child’s teeth and answering any questions you have in regards to maintaining a child’s proper oral health. Our doctors will keep early visits casual and work to put the child at ease so that they look forward to their next appointment.

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