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Smile Gallery

Aesthetic dentistry is an art as much as it is a science. Skilled and capable hands shape the artist’s vision much like a dentist does a tooth. Shape, size, proportion, color all play a part in the individuality and appeal of your smile.


Smile Gallery

Everyone has a different idea of beauty, and as such Dr. Grewal listens to your concerns and guides the decision-making process to ensure a beautiful result that matches your personal vision of how you would like your smile to appear. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Grewal has developed advanced skills and knowledge toward delivering exceptional smiles.

We invite you to browse through and experience the beautiful results created at Okanagan Smiles. The following before and after cases are patients treated by Dr. Grewal. We are sharing these incredible results with their permission.

Call us today to reserve your individualized consult with Dr. Grewal and discover the possibilities for your smile.

Before and After Cases

Social media is a major presence in our lives today. The following patient, pictured below is a social media influencer and on camera for a considerable amount of time everyday.  She sought out Dr. Grewal because she was unhappy with the shape of her teeth and desired teeth that are symmetrical to better match her beautiful smile.  Her smile was enhanced with porcelain veneers on all of her upper teeth and then further fit to match the arc of the bottom lip.

During her comprehensive exam, this client indicated concerns with the color and appearance of the existing fillings on her upper front teeth. After a consultation to further discuss her concerns and what she envisioned for her smile, Dr. Grewal created an individualized plan consisting of direct veneers (bonding) to increase the length of the upper teeth as well as address her concerns with the color irregularities. These were the naturally beautiful end results.

This client initially came to us with concerns about the look of her smile. Dr. Grewal recommended straightening her teeth with Invisalign (invisible braces), followed by selective direct (composite) veneers to create a fuller, more even smile. These beautiful results are something to smile about!

This client came to use with concerns about chipping and yellowing of her upper front teeth. Dr. Grewal recommended direct (bonding) veneers to create this brighter, whiter, and younger smile.

This client was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. She previously had limited orthodontic treatment completed. To enhance her smile, Dr. Grewal recommended porcelain veneers and selective bonding.

This client came to us with concerns about the color of his teeth, which was caused by acid erosion. Porcelain veneers were used to protect the teeth from further erosion, as well as enhance the appearance of this smile. The shade selected was this client’s preference.

This gentleman was concerned with a naturally missing tooth in the front of his smile. In his case, Dr. Grewal recommended a combination of porcelain veneers and a porcelain bridge to achieve this beautiful smile.

This client was concerned with the appearance of his smile due to a naturally missing tooth. Following orthodontic treatment (braces), Dr. Grewal selectively reshaped teeth to create more symmetry and the appearance of an incisor on the right side.

This client was concerned about her “crooked teeth” as well as their color. Dr. Grewal recommended straightening her teeth with orthodontic treatment (braces) followed by direct (bonded) veneers for the central incisors to whiten and brighten her smile. As you can see from the “after” photo, her results are striking.

This client was unhappy with the appearance of her crowded teeth. Dr. Grewal recommended Invisalign (invisible braces), followed by selective tooth recontouring and bonding. These were her beautiful results.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are best. In this case, the client was concerned with the “gap” between her front teeth. Dr. Grewal recommended bonding to close the space. Sometimes small changes are all that we need to make an impact when it comes to your smile.

Sometimes we have special requests for some “bling” to be added to a tooth. Typically, these requests are for diamonds to be imbedded into the restorations. This time, the request was for a custom gold crown with a company logo etched into the surface. We were up for the challenge! The patient was very happy with his one-of-a-kind smile.

This client wanted to have a Hollywood smile, white and straight. Custom smile design was completed, and a plan was formatted. She underwent braces to straighten her mis-aligned teeth, following which veneers and crowns were delivered. The results show how careful analysis and meticulous execution can lead to beautiful results like this.

This client was concerned with her self-proclaimed “snaggle-tooth”, which was causing her to smile unevenly to hide the area she was uncomfortable with. Dr. Grewal recommended straightening her teeth with Invisalign, followed by selectively re-contouring and bonding to even out her smile. As you can see by the “after” image, she now has a confident and beautiful smile.

This patient had significant wear of teeth overtime which caused her quality of sleep to continuously deteriorate due to lack of space for tongue to fit properly, and commensurate with it, her health. Dr. G provided comprehensive therapy wherein he designed her new teeth that not only improved her overall esthetics, but to also provided better sleep as her tongue would fit better, allowing proper air flow to her brain. This procedure is called “full-mouth rehabilitation”.

When teeth wear extensively, they require specific skills to restore the mouth to its optimal function and esthetics. This patient had extensive wear and approached Dr. Grewal for help with his bite and smile. After careful planning, Dr. Grewal and his team delivered the best dentistry can offer. With a bite and smile like this, the patient gained the social confidence he always desired. Dr. Grewal is one of the only general dentists in Kelowna who has the training and confidence to manage complex cases like this.