Full Hygiene Services

Full Hygiene Services

When it comes to cleaning teeth, the professionals and hygienists at Okanagan Smiles take pride in their work as they scale, treat, and care for your precious teeth. Our hygiene appointments cover all aspects of your oral health, checking for any areas of concern while polishing your smile to its greatest potential.

General dentistry is dental care provided by a dentist, who is able to diagnose, treat, and provide overall healthcare needs with a focus on prevention. For all of the services provided by a general dentist, please see our full offering here.

In the dental field, this is referred to as a hygiene maintenance appointment. Our dental hygienists provide individualized patient care. You will be informed of your oral health status as well as updated at every maintenance appointment. This will keep you in the loop throughout the entire therapy, which helps you achieve optimal oral health.

Our Okanagan Smiles dental hygienists create customized treatment plans for each patient, providing the treatments and tips needed to help you achieve and maintain your fabulous smile!

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