General Dentistry

General dentistry is dental care provided by a dentist, who is able to diagnose, treat, and provide overall healthcare needs with a focus on prevention. 

Full Hygiene Services

In the dental field, this is referred to as a hygiene maintenance appointment. Our dental hygienists provide individualized patient care. You will be informed of your oral health status as well as updated at every maintenance appointment. This will keep you in the loop throughout the entire therapy, which helps you achieve optimal oral health.

Our Okanagan Smiles dental hygienists create customized treatment plans for each patient, providing the treatments and tips needed to help you achieve and maintain your fabulous smile!

Children’s Dentistry

The first visit is the foundation of the child’s relationship with the dental field. Here at Okanagan Smiles, we like to provide the kids with a fun and safe enviornemnt where they can interact freely with the staff here. Kids should be seen by a dentist starting 6 months after the first tooth erupts, or at one year of age. This allows us to promply evaluate tooth development and help the children and their guardians learn about how to effectively remove plaque and prevent cavities.

Composite Fillings

Who doesn’t want white, good-looking teeth? At Okanagan Smiles Dentistry, we make a point to carry more than 30 shades of white to ensure that your fillings aren’t noticeable and leave looking your very best!

White fillings, when placed properly can now outlast silver filings in many situations, and the materials and ‘glue’ used with them are only getting better each year.

Root Canal Therapy

The dentists at Okanagan Smiles Dentistry provide endodontic treatments in our office. Sometimes due to injury/trauma or large cavities, the nerves inside the tooth become infected and die. When a tooth reaches this stage, there are two options: remove the tooth or save it with root canal treatment. A root canal procedure involves cleaning, shaping, and filling the canals to help prevent re-infection. After a root canal the tooth loses its strength, and can break easily. Crowns are recommended to protect a tooth with a root canal from breaking away.


Now using computer technology, Okanagan Smiles offers digitally created dentures. What does that mean for you? Fewer visits, better materials, and bigger smiles!

Two types of complete dentures exist, conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are for people who already are missing the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. This provides the best fitting denture because it is made after the bone and gums have healed and taken their new shape.  Immediate dentures are placed the same day the teeth are removed and will need to be realigned later, once the bone and gums have healed and taken their new shape.

Full Hygiene Services

When it comes to cleaning teeth, the professionals and hygienists at Okanagan Smiles take pride in their work as they scale, treat, and care for your precious teeth. Our hygiene appointments cover all aspects of your oral health, checking for any areas of concern while polishing your smile to its greatest potential.


At our dental office in Kelowna, Okanagan Smiles does everything possible to create a safe and calm environment for our patients.

Accidents happen and sometimes a tooth cannot be fixed. If your tooth fits into this category rest assured you are in good hands at Okanagan Smiles. Our doctors have removed thousands of teeth during their careers, giving them the practice and experience to perform a perfect extraction. We extract teeth in-office, and provide oral sedation for patients who feel anxiety around tooth extractions.


Dental implants are a revolutionary advancement for dentistry, providing replacement options for missing teeth. Implants provide support for crowns, bridges, partials and complete dentures, creating a natural-looking smile. Implants fuse into the bone via osseous integration to support the implant and its restoration.

Implants not only provide comfortable support to crowns and removable restorations, they are also valuable to retain bone which would otherwise be lost, making dentures hard to fit later. A beautiful aspect of implants and single tooth replacement is the surrounding teeth are untouched, making it the most minimally invasive approach to single tooth replacement.

Soft Tissue Laser

The newest and biggest advances in painless dentistry are being introduced through laser dentistry. We are staying current with the art of dentistry, making use of the iLase hand-held soft tissue laser.

The advantages of this laser are that we can do many procedures in a simple and fast way, while our patients are excited with how the procedures are so painless and easy!

We use the laser to shape gums in smile design, to adjust tissue, allowing dentures to fit much better, or to release tongue-tied tongues or lips. With virtually no bleeding, comfortable healing, no stitches or blades in a surgery, everything is easier with a laser!


If you are missing teeth, bridges might be the right solution for you. Replacing missing teeth is vital to maintain your overall health. Bridges use surrounding teeth or implants to anchor the ends of the bridge with crowns, while the pontic, a false tooth, replaces the missing teeth.  Bridges are cemented in place, so they look and feel very natural.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a fast, accurate and comfortable diagnostic tool we use to determine your dental needs. Today many are concerned about radiation. Okanagan Smiles Dentistry is pleased to provide digital x-rays greatly minimizing your radiation exposure. Using the newest and best products we could find, we know you will be happy to be able to see what we see on our 24” HD screens.

We take individual photographs of each tooth at each new patient exam, or every 5 years for existing patients, so that we can communicate better with you and also get quicker results for your insurance company


What if tooth decay is hidden within the enamel so that it isn’t visible on a radiograph? We don’t want to wait until the decay is big enough to hurt or cause a huge cavity so we use the DIAGNOdent. This device uses laser wavelengths to shine light into the tooth and measure the reflection. Healthy enamel surfaces will have low readings and no audible beeping, whereas decay hidden in the tooth creates higher readings and an audible sound that increases according to the severity of the decay.

This tool has surprised us many times, finding extensive decay in otherwise normal-looking teeth which, when explored, is actually much bigger than what was indicated on the radiographs or visible on the surface of the tooth! By using this tool, we are able to target and treat tooth decay in predictable ways before it turns into more complicated problems.


Newly erupted teeth are extremely susceptible to tooth decay. To aid in the protection of your child’s precious teeth, we recommend placing a barrier into the deep grooves of the chewing surface to help block out cavity-causing bugs.

With the addition of Isolite to keep the tooth dry, sealants are even easier for your child. The tooth is first cleaned with air abrasion to remove plaque and debris, then etch is placed on the tooth to roughen the surface, allowing the sealant to stick to the tooth. Next, the sealant is “painted” onto the tooth and set with a light. No anesthetic is needed.

Sealants are not just for kids! Adults are subject to tooth decay, especially in the hard to clean back teeth – both molars and premolars.

Air Abrasion

Do you hate needles? Do you dislike drills? For decay that doesn’t approach the nerve of the tooth, we can use pressured air with particles in it to blow off the decay from within your tooth. When indicated, this method of removing decay is minimally invasive, meaning it removes the smallest amount of healthy tooth structure when removing decay compared to any other method of fillings. To you, this means healthier and stronger teeth once the fillings are done. And of course, no needles or drills!

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