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Air Abrasion

Do you hate needles? Do you dislike drills? For decay that doesn’t approach the nerve of the tooth, we can use pressured air with particles in it to blow off the decay from within your tooth.


Air Abrasion

When indicated, the Air abrasion method of removing decay is minimally invasive, meaning it removes the smallest amount of healthy tooth structure when removing decay compared to any other method of fillings. To you, this means healthier and stronger teeth once the fillings are done. And of course, no needles or drills!

Although air abrasion is not recommended for the removal of silver fillings, it can restore tooth-colored fillings. The tool is also ideal for teeth recently diagnosed with decay that do not already contain fillings.

Air abrasion typically requires no anesthesia. There also isn’t a jarring feeling or an uncomfortable sound that typically comes from traditional dental drilling. Air abrasion eliminates the feeling of vibrations that so many people dislike, which makes your dental visit a less stressful experience.

While you may feel a gritty sensation in your mouth following treatment, this is easily remedied via a quick rinse with water.

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