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In addition to the visual and palpation checks we do at your recalls and exams, we have responded to this oral cancer threat by introducing an additional screening measure, the VELscope.

While the functionality of your teeth and jaw is our primary concern, we understand that cosmetic dentistry can be as important to your overall physical and mental health as general dentistry. To this end, we offer the premier cosmetic treatments designed to get your smile looking better than ever before!



When a VELscope is turned on, a ring of light illuminates the tissues in your mouth. The wavelength and intensity of this light causes the healthy tissues of your mouth to fluoresce green. By contrast, areas of concern will appear dark against the green healthy tissue.

We use this tool to help identify oral cancer and premalignant dysplasia. The VELscope is also useful in locating lichen planus, squamous papillomas, candidiasis, viral and bacterial infections, lichenoid mucositis and inflammation from trauma, smoking or other causes.

The Velscope is the first device cleared to help surgeons determine the appropriate surgical margins should surgery be required. This is crucial, as more often than not, oral surgery can fail to remove 100% of the targeted tissue.

The Velscope system is not a diagnostic device. It is primarily used to detect tissue that appears to be abnormal. This does not mean the tissue is abnormal, which is why, if the dentist is sufficiently suspicious of the tissue detected, a surgical biopsy will be conducted. Only after an oral pathologist reads the results of a surgical biopsy can a diagnosis be made.

If you are concerned about your oral health, be sure to make an appointment and get it checked out!

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