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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a fast, accurate and comfortable diagnostic tool we use to determine your dental needs. These also lower our patient’s exposure to radiation while allowing our team (and our patients) to view the results in seconds. The best part? Digital x-rays are completely non-invasive, meaning the discomfort associated with traditional x-ray procedures are a thing of the past! No more heavy lead aprons or biting down on uncomfortable plates.


Digital X-Rays

Today many are concerned about radiation. Okanagan Smiles Dentistry is pleased to provide digital x-rays greatly minimizing your radiation exposure. Using the newest and best products we could find, we know you will be happy to be able to see what we see on our 24” HD screens.

Digital x-rays also do not require development time, so your doctor can see the results in as little as 3 seconds. They have a wider dynamic range, meaning there’s less concern for over or underexposure. Special imaging techniques can also be applied to enhance the overall display and quality of the image. What’s more, digital x-rays are considered “green” as they do not require chemicals or film paper to develop the image.

We take individual photographs of each tooth at each new patient exam, or every 5 years for existing patients, so that we can communicate better with you and also get quicker results for your insurance company. The digital x-ray will also help your doctor take a closer look at your teeth and gives them an opportunity to walk you through your overall dental health.

The entire process is painless, non-invasive, and virtually instantaneous.

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