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While many patients see the dentist as an annual or semi-annual appointment to get their teeth cleaned and checked, your modern-day dentist office can offer so much more.

Many people, for example, are unhappy with their smile. Some wish they could whiten stained teeth. Others look at a crooked tooth and wonder if it’s possible to straighten it out.

Modern dentistry is designed to help clients fix their teeth from a health perspective as well as an aesthetic one. At Okanagan Smiles, we offer numerous cosmetic procedures – many of which are quick and cost-effective – to help you smile with confidence.

Tooth Whitening

While there are many whitening options on the market, getting tooth whitening done through your dentist is safe and highly effective. At Okanagan Smiles, we offer a take-home option so you can quickly whiten your teeth according to your schedule. The whitening tray can be used and re-used and custom-fit to your mouth. This is designed to brighten smiles – even after years of staining.


Braces aren’t just for teenagers! These days, even adults are working on perfecting their smile. For clients that want to straighten their teeth but would like a subtle “easy wear” solution, we offer Invisalign that slowly aligns your teeth without being too invasive.


For clients with discoloured, misshapen, or chipped teeth and who would like to create a uniform appearance, Okanagan Smiles offers veneers. Either comprised of composite or porcelain, veneers give the look and feel of natural teeth.

Composite Restorations

Composite has come a long way and now even outlasts traditional silver fillings. This material can be used in multiple ways – from filling cavities to closing gaps in teeth. The best part: it looks completely natural. It’s also cost-effective. The procedure typically takes under 60 minutes per tooth.

Tooth Implants

Occasionally, a tooth becomes damaged and needs to be removed. In that case, a good option may be a tooth implant. Tooth implants replace the extracted tooth and, unlike bridges, are permanently secured in the mouth. They also look and feel like a natural tooth and are minimally invasive.

Do you have cosmetic concerns you would like to discuss with one of our professionals? Contact us to book an appointment today!