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Soft Tissue Laser

The newest and biggest advances in painless dentistry are being introduced through laser dentistry. We are staying current with the art of dentistry, making use of a hand-held soft tissue diode laser.


Soft Tissue Laser

The advantages of this laser are that we can do many procedures in a simple and fast way, while our patients are excited with how the procedures are so painless and easy!

We use the laser to shape gums in smile design, to adjust tissue, allowing dentures to fit much better, or to release tongue-tied tongues or lips. With virtually no bleeding, comfortable healing, no stitches or blades in a surgery, everything is easier with a laser!

Our laser is a completely wireless and portable unit that emits a concentrated light. With an easy to maneuver design, this light allows for the precise navigation to the areas of the mouth that require treatment in a low dose and safe manner. This diode laser also provides therapeutic heat, which can offer temporary relief from inflammation or pain.

Our doctors will provide protective eyewear for you during all soft tissue laser sessions. This eyewear is required to be worn throughout the procedure and will shield the eyes from the laser.

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