Patient Agreement

This Patient Agreement contains important information about your dental treatment at Okanagan Smiles (Dr. Vikram Grewal and associates). By signing this patient agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. Please read carefully and ask questions you may have.


  1. Vikram Grewal and associates will be presenting the best dental treatment options and other options if applicable to you and/or your family and plan in order to treat you according to your dental and whole-body needs and requirements.
  1. Okanagan Smiles uses well-evaluated dental products and medications to provide you and/or your family with the dental treatment you need. All products have been studied and are known to be safe for use. This does not rule out the possibility of adverse or allergic reactions that you may have, or relevant medical health history information intentionally or unintentionally not disclosed.
  1. Okanagan Smiles is in no way associated or affiliated with any insurance company or for-profit group in Canada. This means they have no direct contact with your insurance company and have no inside information, ability or control as to what your assistance plan will actually pay you for benefits that are listed in your client packet. We determine treatment needed before knowing any of your insurance details.
  1. Your insurance is a benefit to you and is there to assist you with the costs of dentistry. Okanagan Smiles strongly recommends that you find out what your insurance coverage is, as per your insurance contract.
  1. The dentists at Okanagan Smiles have extended the courtesy to direct bill the insurance company on behalf of their patients. On the date of service, we will submit the claim to insurance and collect the remaining balance from the patient. Once insurance has paid a portion, it is the responsibility of the patient to pay any outstanding amount according to our financial agreement. Okanagan Smiles takes no responsibility in what the insurance deems to pay for the service provided.