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Cosmetic Dentistry

While the functionality of your teeth and jaw is our primary concern, we understand that cosmetic dentistry can be as important to your overall physical and mental health as general dentistry. To this end, we offer the premier cosmetic treatments designed to get your smile looking better than ever before!

Cosmetic Dentistry Services


Are you wanting to align your teeth, but still want to avoid the metal mouth?

Invisalign braces are an alternative to conventional braces to correct a “bad bite”, or crowded, crooked teeth. Invisalign uses a series of clear retainers to bring teeth into alignment over a period of time.

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In addition to the visual and palpation checks we do at your recalls and exams, we have responded to this oral cancer threat by introducing an additional screening measure, the VELscope.

When a VELscope is turned on, a ring of light illuminates the tissues in your mouth.

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Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a whiter, brighter smile. At Okanagan Smiles, we have options for teeth whitening that works with any schedule!

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Dental veneers are covers for your existing tooth or teeth that are comprised of stain-resistant resin-based composite or porcelain.

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