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Yearly Insurance Letter

General Dentistry

After three years of sending out this letter to our patients for their benefit, we have received this interesting anonymous note back that we would like to address.

This letters intent was to make our patients aware that most insurance companies have money limits per calendar year which “roll over” in January. That being said, if you have any outstanding treatment with us it would be best to have these procedures done prior to that roll over as if it’s not used up by Jan 1st that amount is lost. For example-Lets say one has a $2000 limit for basic & major procedures per year and you have used up $1500 for the year already with $600 planned treatment left over. It would be in your best interest to use up the last $500 that you have left in your limit prior to getting a new $2000 in the new year. This would be utilizing your insurance to its full benefit. In no way is this “un-ethical” and is definitely not an “office policy” of ours, it is just a suggestion from us for you to use your insurance to it’s full potential to benefit your oral health.

The following responses were posted to Facebook:

    • Herb E: I think you should frame and hang this along with a polite response to it on the wall in your reception area for the entertainment and education of patients. Most of them would appreciate it on some level (amusement, education, justified outrage, etc.). It’s also a good way to respond to the anonymous and foolish coward who sent this to you since he/she isn’t giving you any other reasonable way of responding. Chances are he or she will either see it in person or hear about it from an employee who recognizes the handwriting and feel very chagrined.
    • Darrell N: I would understand the employers point of view if the premiums were paid by his employees. But as it is written, “the company pays for benefits accrued by the employees, the more they charge the plan the higher the premiums”. So this essentially affects the employers bottom line (i.e. The company’s profitability). This is an example of greed, whats the point of offering Extended health and dental benefits if you’re ultimately wanting to discourage your employees from using said benefits. Whoever this employer is should he ashamed of himself.
    • Jenna C: Yeah that is rediculous! in no way is that unethical!
    • Janice Y: What an IDIOT! It’s not as if the “employers” pay for the dental work!! I have been to Okanagan Smiles Dental Clinic and they are GREAT!!! I’ve already been to MY dentist down here now, with the same thought about ‘calendar year’ limits!! 
    • Erin R: It is one thing to have dental coverage, we offer 50/50. It is there for work that needs to be done. Non essential treatment not only increases the employer’s costs, but the employees’ as well. Especially for small business owners who are trying to offer benefits to help out their staff.

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