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What Teeth Trend is Taking Over Young Women’s Smiles in Tokyo?


While western culture associates vampires and werewolves with fangs, in Asia, it’s a trendy look young girls are paying heaps to have. Our Kelowna dental clinic was surprised to learn about the trend Tokyo dentists can barely keep up with—yaeba.
What yaeba means

Translated to English, yaeba means ‘multilayered’ or ‘double.’ Across Asia, but particularly in Japan, girls are flocking to their dentists to get the fanged look normally achieved when crowded molars push the canines forward. The more crowded and crooked their smile, the better.

How the procedure works

While many teens visit their Kelowna dentists for braces to straighten their teeth, Japanese teenage girls are paying more than $300 for the yaeba procedure that makes their teeth look crowded.

In Tokyo, dentists glue temporary or permanent artificial canines—tsuke-yaeba—to girls’ teeth. In effect, mini fangs are attached to the canine teeth.

Why the fanged-look is so popular

Fanged or accentuated canine teeth has become popular in Japan for two reasons. First, pop singers and celebrities sparked the trend that was spread by a band named after the craze, TYB48 (tsuke-yaeba 48). The band was actually formed by a dental clinic offering the popular procedure.

The crowded-smile craze quickly caught on with Japanese middle and high school girls who are always looking for another way to look cute and girly. That leads to the second reason yaeba has become so popular—males are said to find the girlish imperfection attractive.

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