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What Are Wisdom Teeth? Your Kelowna Dentists Explain


It seems like everyone has a story to tell about the time they had their wisdom teeth removed by their Kelowna dentists. The puffy cheeks, the stitches, and the endless pudding and Jell-O dinners all seem to accompany each story. Now it’s your turn to discuss your wisdom teeth with your dentist. Before heading to your next dental appointment, arm yourself with a little knowledge about wisdom teeth, their function, and what kinds of procedures are available for extractions

What are wisdom teeth?

The average adult’s mouth holds 32 teeth. The upper row has 16 and so does the bottom. Every tooth in your mouth has a specific name and function. Unfortunately, there’s really only enough room in your mouth for 28 teeth. The 4 teeth that show up late and crash the party are known as your third molars or your wisdom teeth. These teeth are found at the very back of each row of teeth on both sides of your mouth.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

If the teeth partially break through the gums, your Kelowna dental clinic may recommend having them removed. Since the tooth is only protruding partially through the gum line, the space between the tooth and your gums can collect bacteria and develop infections. Another common scenario that occurs is the wisdom teeth not erupting at all. When they don’t come through the gum line, they can start to grow crooked and sideways and begin to push on your other teeth. The extra force in the jaw can lead to pain, discomfort, and crooked teeth.

How do I know if I have to my wisdom teeth removed?

If you feel pain or discomfort in your jaw, you should visit your Kelowna dental clinic for a check-up. Your dentist may take an x-ray of the jaw to see if the wisdom teeth are impacted, crooked, or beginning to erupt. Your dentist can evaluate your teeth and let you know if tooth extraction is the next step to take. On some occasions, only a couple wisdom teeth may need removing and some people even have less than four wisdom teeth to begin with!

What procedures are there for wisdom tooth extractions?

There are different procedures available for having your wisdom teeth removed, and they vary from clinic to clinic.

If you’re uneasy in the dentist’s chair, sedation might be the best choice for you. Or if you have a history of reacting poorly to anesthetics, the dentists can also remove your wisdom teeth with a little freezing using a local anesthetic while you are awake.

Before deciding which procedure is best for you, it’s best to check in with your Kelowna dental centre before making a decision. They can advise you on what each procedure entails, recovery time, and other important factors you’ll need to know before choosing.

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Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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