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The Smart Toothbrush: Will You Impress Your Kelowna Dentists?


A smart toothbrush that tells you how well you’re brushing? Well, now our Kelowna dentists have heard it all, but a smart toothbrush might not be such a bad idea.

The Kolibree toothbrush, recently revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is the first of its kind. It’s not just electric, it’s also connected.

Being hailed as the ‘virtual dentist’ that will stop children from being able to tell white lies about how long and how well they’ve brushed their teeth, the Kolibree hails from France. The inventor, Thomas Serval, says he created Kolibree because his own children were fibbing about having brushed their teeth.

The Kolibree isn’t just for kids, though. The company says it’s for anyone that wants the information, statistics and motivation to get a better smile, just by brushing.

See how it works after the jump.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Brush your teeth with your Kolibree brush after you’ve activated your account on your smart phone. While you’re brushing, your toothbrush will make note of how long and how often you’re brushing as well as how well you’re brushing—are there areas you’re not getting to enough, or at all?

    This is one of the features our Kelowna dentists like about the Kolibree. Since we can’t see you brush at home every day, this way you know exactly how you’re performing so you can improve.
  2. Bluetooth is used to transmit the data collected in your toothbrush to the Kolibree App on your smart phone—either an Android or an iPhone—every day. The App recognizes up to five family members so you can easily see how everyone in your house is brushing.
  3. Badges are rewarded through the App for improving your brushing. Over time, using the App, you can see if you’re brushing long enough or often enough, and which parts of your mouth need more attention. The makers hope you’ll stay motivated to keep improving your score and earn virtual badges as well as a healthier smile.


We can certainly see the value in being able to visualize your progress, especially for kids who might not quite understand why it’s so important to brush well every day. If a smart phone is going to help your family brush better, we say go for it!

The Kolibree brush is expected to be released for online sales later this year at prices ranging from $99 to $199. In the meantime, brush up and make an appointment at your Kelowna dental clinic for a check-up and professional cleaning.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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