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Pulling Baby Teeth: Kelowna Dentists Address Why UK Children Have Teeth Removed


On the other side of the pond, bag lunches and even bottles are being stuffed with almost anything but milk and water. Our Kelowna dentists address why so many toddlers in the UK are having their teeth pulled and what you can do to prevent this from happening to your family.

What’s happening in the UK?

Recent UK dental statistics have set off alarm bells about what’s going into the mouths of their nation’s children. In a group of three UK youngsters, at least one will have a tooth removed due to cavities formed by decay before their fifth birthday. Another statistic revealed that dental problems among children under 17 years of age are the fourth most common reason for trips to the hospital.

Why is this happening?

The availability and convenience of juice boxes and canned pop are a huge contributing factor in children’s tooth decay. Some parents are even filling baby bottles with juice, pop, and in one reported case – custard. These sugary, fizzy, and sometimes acidic drinks are the main reason UK toddlers are having their teeth pulled before they begin preschool.

These drinks, paired with fruit snacks, cookies, and other sweet treats are eating away at developing toothy grins, and as a result, children and toddlers are spending a lot of time in a dental clinic or hospital.

How can I prevent this from happening to my child?

Our Kelowna dental clinic recommends the following to keep your children’s teeth healthy while growing and developing:

  • As soon as you notice a little tooth pop up in your baby’s gums, make an appointment for them at your local dental clinic in Kelowna.
  • Brush your kiddo’s teeth for them until they are able to tie their own shoelaces.
  • Make brushing their teeth a routine, and be sure to make it a fun and positive experience.
  • Keep pop, juice, and other sugary, fizzy drinks out of bottles and sippy cups. Instead, choose water or milk. Water should be the first thing your child reaches for when thirsty. If your toddler is reaching for the pop and juice, limit their intake by offering it only on weekends or at special events.
  • Keep little baggies of fresh cut fruit and veggies, cheese strings, or other healthy treats in the crisper. Having healthy and nutritious snacks conveniently tucked away will help avoid grabbing for convenient sugary snacks that can lead to tooth decay.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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