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Our Kelowna Dental Clinic’s Top Elements of a Beautiful Smile


What makes a smile beautiful? Although the true answer to that question lies in the eyes of the beholder there are several elements that contribute to a beautiful, youthful-looking smile. Once you are aware of the components of your smile you can discuss options at your Kelowna dental clinic to make a treatment plan to achieve your goal. The following are some elements to look at when analyzing your smile.

Do the edges of your teeth line up or do the lengths very? You may not realize it but the shape of your teeth can make you appear older or younger then you actually are. When central incisors are longer then the other teeth your smile and you actually appear more youthful. Individuals with flat teeth appear older. To have a smile that appears balanced, your central incisors and your canines should be the same length.

Are the widths of your teeth in proper proportion? Symmetry is important to your smile. Teeth that are too wide or too narrow can affect how your face appears. For example, if your teeth are wide it can cause your face can look fuller.

 Are your teeth different colors? Few people are born with Hollywood-white teeth. Most people’s teeth have color/shade variances. These color differences can be distracting but are usually easily correctable. Your Kelowna dentist will give you whitening options to balance your tooth color, getting you on your way to a more beautiful smile.

Do you have spaces or crowding? Spaces, crowding, and twisted teeth obviously affect how your smile looks. These elements can be distracting but also make it difficult to properly clean your teeth, resulting in uneven, red, or swollen gums.

Are your gums red or swollen? Every picture has a frame, for our teeth, that frame is our gums. If your gums are red and swollen this can be an indication of periodontal disease. To showcase your smile your teeth need healthy, pink gums. If you suspect you may have periodontal disease call your dentist to schedule an exam and hygiene appointment.

Although these are just a few elements that make up a beautiful smile they are all important. Even making small changes to your teeth such as adding composite can dramatically change your appearance. Other options might include veneers, crowns or orthodontic treatment. If you feel your smile can use an enhancement, schedule an appoint to talk to your dentist. Together you will find the best choice for you for getting you on your way to an even more beautiful smile.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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