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Need Dentures? Kelowna Dentists Offer Digital Alternative


If you don’t like how your dentures look and feel, you’re not alone. Fortunately, denture technology has advanced and now our Kelowna dental centre gives you an exceptional fit in just two visits with digital dentures.

What are digital dentures?

Forget using wax to create a mould for your mouth, multiple visits to a Kelowna dental clinic, waiting several weeks for your dentures to be made, or feeling uncomfortable in them once they arrive.

Digital dentures are created using revolutionary new technology that allows your dentist to take a 3-D image of your mouth so we can make the perfect fit right in front of you, right on a screen. With this simple digital record of your mouth, you’ll only need to make one more visit so you can try on your new, natural smile.

What are the benefits of digital dentures compared to traditional dentures?

  • The perfect fit. Our digital denture software instantly recognizes all the unique dimensions of your mouth so your dentures look and feel just right the first try. With an ideal denture fit, you’ll renew use of your teeth and your own, youthful-looking smile.
  • Less time in the dentist’s chair. Traditional denture fittings require at least five visits to your Kelowna dentist to get the right fit after your gums and bones adjust to the dentures. With digital dentures, we can accurately create your dentures on the first visit and let you leave the dental clinic on the second visit wearing them and a smile!
  • A permanent record. If your dentures are ever damaged or lost, you can easily access your digital record to quickly and conveniently have another set made.
  • A more bio-hygienic product. Digital dentures reduce the amount of bacteria that can build up in your mouth so you can avoid sores and ‘denture breath.’


Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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