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Mini Implants: Your Kelowna Dentists’ Denture Support Solution


Do you worry about your dentures slipping when you kiss your grandkids? What about when you’re eating your favourite foods, or laughing with friends? Our Kelowna dental clinic has the solution for your loose dentures: mini implants.

Mini dental implants are a popular procedure we offer to give your full or partial dentures the stability you need to live your life without worrying about your teeth.

Who is it for?

Mini dental implants are ideal for denture wearers who need more stability and want a dental implant option that’s:

  • Affordable. Since this procedure is usually non-invasive and can be done in a single appointment, it’s less expensive than full implants.
  • Simple. Mini implants typically don’t require incisions, so this procedure is much easier on your mouth than full-size implant surgery. We can often insert your dental implants in just a single appointment of a few hours.
  • Suitable for mouths with less bone, which is needed for the placement of full-sized implants.

How does it work?

Our Kelowna dentists perform the mini dental implant procedure right here in our office with local anesthesia. We’ll insert your implants—just two millimeters wide—into your jawbone using a precise and controlled technique.

Your mini implants use:

  • Ball-shaped heads that extend from your gum tissue to serve as an anchor for your dentures.
  • A metal housing topped with a rubber O-ring. When we seat your dentures on the implants, this O-ring snaps over the ball, much like a socket, to seal and lock your dentures in place.

With your implants now securing your dentures, you can eat toffee, laugh at jokes, and smooch your pup with confidence.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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