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Kelowna Dentists’ Tips for a Great Smile in Pictures


If you’re a teen or even a savvy parent, you could be in nearly a dozen ‘selfies’ and digital photos every day, many of which end up on social media. To help you put your best smile forward, our Kelowna dental clinic has gathered some of photographers’ top tips for capturing a great smile.

You work hard for your smile. If you brush and floss throughout the day, eat healthy foods and visit your Kelowna dentists for regular cleanings, you probably have a great smile. With these smile tips, you can make the most of it in photographs.

How to Get a Great Smile in Pictures

1. Forget ‘cheese’

All these years you’ve been saying ‘cheese’ thinking it would help you have a nice smile. Guess what? Saying cheese can pull your mouth into a smile that looks both forced and unflattering.

Photographers actually recommend saying words that end in the ‘uh,’ sound, such as ‘yoga’ or ‘soda.’ Try it in the mirror and you’ll see how saying these words brings your mouth into a more natural smile. Another way to think of it is that your smile looks more natural when your teeth are slightly parted. So, when it’s your turn to smile, imagine your teeth are separated by a pinkie.

2. Less is more

When you’re trying to smile for a photo, imagine yourself reading a funny note from your friend in class rather than opening a letter that says you’ve just won $1 million. That screaming-happy smile actually makes your face muscles tense up, where a gentle smile makes you look relaxed.

3. Don’t forget to tilt

When you pose, try to tilt your head a little to one side and drop your chin. There are two reasons for this approach. One, with better posture, you’ll avoid the camera capturing a double chin, and two, your face might find a more flattering angle. Not very many people have symmetrical faces, which is why it’s best to avoid your face being square with the camera. Try out a few ‘selfies’ to see which angles are best for you.

4. Give your teeth and lips a glow

Just before the camera flashes, make your teeth shine by running your tongue over them. For your lips, look for lipsticks that are creamy rather than matte to make your smile look even brighter.

5. Get your gums and teeth camera-ready

If you’ve got a big smile day coming up, let’s say a graduation or wedding, give your teeth the premium smile treatment. Teeth whitening treatments at your Kelowna dental clinic are a fast and effective way to make your teeth look their brightest. You also need to take good care of your gums with regular brushing, flossing and cleanings so they won’t take away from those pearly whites on the screen.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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