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Kelowna Dentists’ Suggestions for Dental Care During Pregnancy


When you’re pregnant, almost every aspect of your body is affected by the little being growing inside you, and that includes your teeth. The dentists in Kelowna will encourage women to take even better care of their teeth during pregnancy to keep mom and baby healthy.

Here are our top tips for dental care during pregnancy.

Before You Conceive

If you’re planning to conceive soon, try to see your Kelowna dentist first for a check-up. That way you can get a thorough cleaning and an examination. Plus, if any major dental work that requires medication is needed, you can have it done before you get pregnant.

While You’re Pregnant

Hormones and gum disease. The changes in your body’s hormones make your gums tender. That means they’re likely to bleed, trap food, and swell throughout your pregnancy, part of a condition that’s actually called pregnancy gingivitis. This means you’re also at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease, something your dentist will want to monitor throughout your pregnancy because there is a link between gum disease and pre-term birth.

Dental visits. Continue going to your regular dental exams so your dentist can help you keep your vulnerable mouth healthy and spot any potential oral problems. While you’re at the dental clinic for exams and cleanings, make your appointment more comfortable by bringing a pillow and keeping your legs uncrossed in the chair.

X-rays. Though most Kelowna dental centres will tell you a single X-ray doesn’t use enough radiation to impact baby, routine X-rays can generally be postponed until after baby arrives. If you need an emergency dental procedure during pregnancy, X-rays would be needed and your dentist should discuss the risks with you.

Major dental work. Most Kelowna dentists suggest postponing major or elective dental procedures until after baby is born so you can avoid the risk of medications, including antibiotics and anaesthesia. If there’s a necessary procedure, your dentist will probably try to have it done during the second trimester if possible. This is to avoid impacting baby’s organ development in the first trimester and the possibility of premature labour in the third trimester.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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