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Kelowna Dental Clinic on the Cutting Edge of Technology


All those antique dental tools some of us still associate with dentistry—rusty extractors, clockwork drills, and screw forceps—are mostly for museums. Here, at our Kelowna dental centre, we use the latest technology to give our patients the safest and most comfortable dental experience possible.

So, we thought we’d give you a window into some of the most advanced tools Kelowna dentists use today to ease the pain and fears in the dentist’s chair.

Advanced dental tools and technology:


The Needle Replacement—Air Abrasion

A lot of dental clinic patients hate needles. And drills. What if there were a way to give fillings and scrape decay off your tooth without them? Well, there is. Air Abrasion uses pressured air containing particles to blow decay off your tooth. The benefits? No needles or drills, of course, plus your teeth are at their healthiest because less of your tooth structure is removed.

If you or your child is afraid of drills and need a filling, Air Abrasion allows your dentist to treat his teeth without a single drill!


The Decay Detective—Diagnodent

Dental patients used to have to wait almost until a cavity was causing pain to know it was there and for dentists to treat it. Today, we use technology called Diagnodent to detect decay long before it shows up even on x-ray film!

Diagnodent shines light into the tooth using laser wavelengths that measure the reflection. If there is any decay hiding on your tooth, the Diagnodent’s high reading produces a beep sound that gets louder and louder according to how severe your decay is. If you have healthy enamel, Diagnodent barely makes a sound.

More and more Kelowna dentists are turning to this laser diagnosis tool because it can spot extensive decay on teeth that look healthy. Now we can target and treat your decay problems early to save you money and time!


Binoculars for the Dentist—Dental Magnification Loupes

You’ll have no idea what your dentist had for lunch or how many hairs are in his nose now. Our Kelowna dental clinic team, from the dentists to the hygienists, use what we call dental magnification loupes, or glasses, to see further inside your mouth from a distance. With a pair of these loupes on, we can see your mouth magnified by six times without having to get so close. Plus, the loupes ensure our precision so we work accurately within a fraction of a millimeter!

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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