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How Kelowna Dentists Whiten Sensitive Teeth


If your sensitive teeth can hardly bear the steam of tea or the chill of ice cream, how could they possibly hold up to teeth whitening? Well, our Kelowna dental clinic is happy to report we have several solutions so you can have a bright, beautiful smile even if you have sensitive teeth.

Why does teeth whitening tend to cause or increase teeth sensitivity? Most whitening products use hydrogen peroxide to help get teeth their whitest. The amount of peroxide in the product and the application time can both have an impact on how much sensitivity you experience after a whitening session, whether it’s in the dentist’s chair or at home.

Thankfully, over the years, teeth whitening options have come a long way to accommodate everyone, even busy patients with sensitive teeth.

While many patients love the fast and efficient results from our 50-minute whitening treatment, our Kelowna dentists generally steer away from suggesting this for patients with extremely sensitive teeth because it causes the most sensitivity. Instead, we recommend one of the following options:

Teeth Whitening Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

1. Our Liquid Smiles Pen System

You won’t feel any sensitivity from our Liquid Smiles system. This low-peroxide liquid formula is applied to your teeth like a pen so you can whiten your teeth in seconds at your convenience. This at-home teeth whitening system causes the least amount of sensitivity, plus it’s easy and inexpensive.

2. Take-Home Trays Plus MI Paste

Our Kelowna dental centre can create a custom-fit tray that ensures your teeth get an even treatment of a high concentration whitening gel. Part of what makes this gel so effective is the ingredients that can also increase sensitivity, so we can combine your treatment with a desensitizer called MI Paste.

MI Paste is a topical tooth cream that releases calcium and phosphate to protect the surface of your teeth and minimize sensitivity after whitening procedures. Since it’s water based and sugar-free, it’s safe for regular use.

By using MI Paste in combination with a tray, you’ll be able to whiten while you sleep, work or play in comfort for years.

After you find the gentle whitening system that suits your needs and your sensitive teeth, you can take a few extra steps to keep pain at bay by avoiding extremely hot or cold beverages just after whitening.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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