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Healthy Smiles at Christmas: Tips from Our Kelowna Dental Clinic


Our Kelowna dentists know Santa’s not the only one eating cookies at Christmas. With all the festivities at home and at school, your little ones are given all kinds of treats, from squares and cakes to cookies and sodas.

Unfortunately, when those sugars mix with the plaque on your child’s teeth, a mild acid is created that attacks the tooth’s enamel. If some of that plaque isn’t removed with brushing or flossing, it can cause cavities. If sugar touches the teeth all the time and stays there for long periods, it can cause a lot of damage.

But sugary treats are everywhere over the holidays, and it’s not realistic to keep them away from kids entirely. That’s why our Kelowna dental clinic has come up with some helpful tips so you can all enjoy some of grandma’s goodies this holiday and keep a healthy smile.

Set Limits

Decide how many sugary treats your child can have in a day and stick to it. Try to serve snacks that pose less harm to her teeth, such as cheese or vegetables.

Serve Water

If your child is about to eat a slice of pie or one of grandma’s brownies, have him drink a glass of water right away. The water helps rinse away the sugars and acids.

Eat Treats with Meals

It’s better to give her a sugary treat at the end of a meal, when there’s still lots of saliva in the mouth to help wash those sugars and acids off the teeth.

Avoid Gooey Treats

Soft candies and sticky treats that get stuck in the teeth should be avoided.

Brush and Floss

When you’re out visiting friends and family, sometimes it’s hard to get those daily brushing and flossing sessions in. Our Kelowna dentists tell parents to make sure at the very least, he’s brushing and flossing before bed.

Does your son or daughter have braces? It’s even more important to avoid certain treats, such as chewy and hard candies, nuts, popcorn, caramel and tortilla chips so she can keep her teeth healthy and braces intact. Chocolate is a good alternative to most sweets.

Want to learn more about teeth-friendly snacks? Check out our post What to Eat for Healthy Teeth.

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