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Dental Bling: Teeth Trends from Your Kelowna Dentists


From Miley to Madonna, all the celebs seem to be putting their jewelry in their mouth these days. Even though dental bling—from grills to gold guns—is all the rage in Hollywood, it hasn’t quite caught on at our Kelowna dental clinic.

Dental bling actually dates back to the gold teeth craze that began in Miami in the 1960s as a way to impress people with an expensive smile. Today, dental bling has become a little more creative, and you’d be surprised who is sporting it.

Celebrities With Grills

Miley Cyrus
She could be the reason teenage girls everywhere are now asking for grills instead of gold earrings. This pop star has been seen sporting several different gold and diamond grills for both her top and bottom teeth. She wears the plain gold bottom one, she told Harper’s Bazaar, when she’s “trying to be chill, trying to blend in.”

Ryan Lochte
You’ve probably seen the photos of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte at the podium, smiling, almost kissing his medal with his sparkly grill. One of his most recent accessories was a top-teeth grill designed to look like an American flag. It caused a bit of controversy when Lochte wore it to accept his gold medal in the 400 meter race at the London Olympics. Since 2007, the swimming sensation has been slipping his grill on his teeth on his way to the podium.

The vampire look isn’t just for the cast of Twilight anymore. Singer Beyonce has been photographed several times wearing a grill that accentuates and caps with gold on her bottom two canine teeth to give her a new kind of ‘vamp’ appearance.

The queen of pop is in on the latest dental accessory craze as well. Madonna’s grill outlines all of her teeth with gold. Her shiny dental bling appeared just days after her 55th birthday, proving dental bling isn’t just for the young.

Rihanna’s controversial grill features a gold machine gun. Her AK-47 rifle dental bling debuted in an Instagram selfie.

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