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Can Coffee Actually Prevent Teeth Rotting? Kelowna Dentists Weigh in


For years we’ve been told that if you’re one of the many people who starts their day with a fresh, steaming mug of coffee, your teeth will probably yellow as a result. A new study, however, suggests that coffee could actually help prevent tooth decay. Our Kelowna dentists weigh in.


What did the study find?

Brazilian researchers suggest that a specific type of coffee bean found in 30 per cent of the world’s coffee supply may have properties to it that help break down the plaque that collects on teeth.

Using baby teeth donated by toddlers, the researchers applied a coat of plaque to the tooth and then soaked it in coffee. Some of the plaque had been broken down, but the exact cause of this breakdown hasn’t been determined yet. More studies will need to take place to help support these findings.


What’s plaque?

Plaque forms on teeth when we eat sugars and carbohydrates in our daily diet. The bacteria naturally found in our mouths seek out the plaque and mix to create an acidic compound that damages the enamel that protects our teeth.


So can coffee actually help prevent my teeth from rotting?

The study suggests coffee may help prevent plaque buildup, but if you take your coffee with cream and sugar, the cream and sugar will likely increase your chances of plaque buildup, not help reverse it.

Also, too much coffee can be bad for teeth because of the acidic content and ability to stain the tooth enamel. Because there is no scientific evidence of coffee fighting off plaque, it’s best to practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting your local Kelowna dental clinic every six months.


What else can I do to prevent plaque buildup?

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day
  • Use a CDA-approved toothpaste with fluouride
  • Visit your local Kelowna dentists for a check up twice a year
  • Eat a healthy diet and skip extra-sugary snacks
  • Avoid acidic fruit juices and pop


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