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Bleeding Gums: Your Kelowna Dentists Explain the Causes


Discovering blood on your toothbrush or floss can be startling, and the metallic taste that comes along with it isn’t very comforting either. Since bleeding gums can be a very serious problem, the dentists at our Kelowna dental clinic want to provide a little insight into what causes this uncomfortable occurrence.

Why do you have bleeding gums?

Your oral hygiene may need a boost

Sometimes spending a little extra time with your teeth each day can drastically reduce and, in most cases, eliminate bleeding gums.  Visiting your Kelowna dental clinic twice a year and implementing and maintaining proper brushing and flossing techniques will be your best defense against painful gums that tend to bleed when poked.

You like junk food. A lot.

Eating nutrient-packed food helps keep oral soft tissues and gums healthy and strong and helps diminish the chances of bleeding gums.

You’re stressed out

Stress can do a bit of damage to both your mental and physical health. Feeling stressed out can lead to inflamed blood vessels, and this can cause the soft tissues in your mouth to break down and leave your mouth defenseless against gum disease.

Your parents and grandparents suffer from gum disease

Some people are born with a higher risk of developing gum disease than others. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your fate is sealed; it just means you’ll have to work a little harder than others to keep your mouth and gums healthy.

You’re expecting

Pregnancy gingivitis can affect half of all expectant mothers around the time they enter into their second trimester. Those hormones that make you cry at inopportune moments can also lead to an imbalance of hormones in your gums causing pregnancy gum disease and other oral health concerns.

You haven’t kicked your smoking habit yet

The toxins found in nicotine products deteriorate gums and teeth and weaken your body’s ability to fight off gum disease.

Prescription medications could be to blame

Some medications may slow down blood flow or cause dry mouth, leaving your gums unprotected against plaque and bacteria.

Your spouse or partner has gum disease

Gum disease is mainly caused by an inflammatory reaction to bacteria beneath the gums. However, the bacteria that can cause the inflammation can be contagious through saliva. If your partner or children have gum disease, it’s best to avoid sharing utensils and toothbrushes until given the all clear from your Kelowna dentists.

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