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Bad Breath Tests: Kelowna Dentists’ Tips for Checking Your Breath


You’d think that if you had bad breath, you’d know. Well, thanks to the construction of our noses, it can be hard, if not impossible, to tell if you have bad breath. That’s why our Kelowna dental clinic is providing a list of some easy and popular ways for you to self-check for bad breath.

A lot of people truly don’t know they have bad breath because they can’t smell it. Noses can’t smell the mouth very well because the mouth and nose are connected at the back of the mouth. Breath is more like a background smell, a function of human acclimation so you can smell things other than yourself.

So, how can you tell if you have bad breath?

Your Kelowna dental centre probably has a Halimeter, an instrument that measures the concentration of sulfide molecules in your saliva and breath. Until you can get in for your appointment, however, there are several easy and effective checks you can do on your own.


How to Self-Check for Bad Breath

The lick test. This is the most common way to tell for yourself if you have bad breath. Just lick the back of your wrist and let it dry. In 10 seconds, smell the spot you licked. If there’s an odour, there may be a breath disorder at work. What you’re smelling is the sulfur salts that were on your tongue.

The floss test. If more people flossed, they’d be more in tune with their breath because you inherently smell the floss as you’re flossing. If your floss imparts an unpleasant smell, it’s possible that the people around you are picking up on that smell.

The white tongue test. When you look deep into your mouth toward the back of your tongue, can you see any white areas? If the back of your tongue is white, you might have bad breath.

Fortunately, even if you discover you have bad breath, there are lots of little things you can do to give yourself fresh breath and more confidence. Learn more about what causes bad breath in our post Kelowna Dentists Have the Cure for Bad Breath.

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