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Are Dental Implants Right for You?


You’ve heard of dental implants and you probably know people who have them. But do you really know what dental implants are and if you can benefit from them? Your Kelowna dentists are here to answer the questions they are asked the most about dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants provide a wonderfully stable and secure replacement for missing teeth. The implant, or post, is placed into bone and function as an anchor for the replacement tooth or other prothesis . Once the bone securely heals around the implant, a process called osseointegration, the final prothesis will be fixed in place.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants leave the surrounding teeth untouched giving you the most minimally invasive tooth replacement option. Dental implants give comfortable support for crowns, bridges and partial and complete dentures. They retain bone which would be lost leaving a poor fitting denture or a potentially unaesthetic defect under a bridge. Another bonus, they feel and look natural!

Who needs dental implants?

Anyone who has missing teeth or are missing all their teeth will benefit from implants. Implants support single crown or caps, bridges, partial dentures and complete dentures. These prothesis are fixed in place or can be removed, like a denture.


What is the process of placing an implant?

First the bone is evaluated to make sure it will support the implant. The area will be completely numb and comfortable by using a local anesthetic to block sensation where the implant will be placed while small drills will make precise preparations the site. The implant will be secured into place and the gums closed over top to allow to heal. Once the bone heals around the implant the artificial tooth, crown, or other prothesis will be secured into place.

How do I know if dental implants are right for me?

Book an appointment to see your Kelowna dentist and they will discuss your options and give you the information you need. If implants are right for you you will benefit from them for years.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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