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5 Fads to Avoid for a Bright-White Healthy Smile


You’ve read about some of these dental fads in the news, seen them on TV and in magazines, and even wondered how you’d look sporting some of these so-called smile enhancers. Before you rush out to try the latest trend, read this list compiled by your Kelowna dentists to ensure your smile will remain at its best.


Dental Bling

When a cute little diamond or gem is placed on one of your front teeth, it can add some sparkle to your smile. Although these gems may look innocent enough, there may also be some unexpected side effects. The adhesive used to bind the diamond to your tooth may cause an allergic reaction, gum irritation, discolouration or thinning of the enamel. It can also cause some tenacious stains. Before scheduling an appointment for dental bling, check in with your local Kelowna dental clinic to discuss these risks.


Vamp Glam Teeth

From Interview with a Vampire to Twilight, vampires have been regarded as mysterious and sometimes sexy, otherworldly creatures. If you’re considering a vampy grin to keep up with this unique trend, you should also consult your Kelowna dentists before giving it a go. Composite vampire teeth act as a foreign object in your mouth and can cause headaches, muscle and jaw pain, difficulty eating or drinking, and an overproduction of saliva.



Taking dental bling to another level, grills, as seen on some of your favourite rappers, cover your teeth in gold, silver, diamonds, and jewels. Like tiny jewels adhered to your teeth, grills can cause headaches and jaw pain, irritate the gums, and can also wear out the enamel on your teeth. Taking the time to clean your grill properly will minimize any negative side effects and cause minimal long-term damage to your pearly whites.


Tongue piercings

Piercing your tongue may seem like a fun and rebellious fad, but the long-term effects of wearing a tongue ring may not be worth the risk to your oral health. Aside from the risk of infection to your tongue, the barbell may knock against your teeth and cause chipping. It can also lead to enamel loss and, in some cases, the development of gaps between the two front teeth. Before or even after piercing your tongue, speak with a dental professional to discuss what a tongue piercing can do to your dental health.


Fad diets  

Whether you’re dieting for your wedding day or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may not be considering your dental health while dieting. Teeth, just like bodies, need healthy, nutrient-rich food to keep them strong.

Skipping meals or binging on the wrong food can be detrimental to your oral health. If the latest diet fad seems suspicious, consult your Kelowna dental clinic for dental-friendly diet strategies and other important information to help you keep your oral health in top condition while achieving your weight loss goals.

Whether you’re visiting us for cosmetic or general dentistry, we provide a comfortable experience with results that will last. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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