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3 Dental Care New Year’s Resolutions: A Kelowna Dental Clinic’s Challenge


Every January, many of us make resolutions. Eat healthy, spend less, de-clutter. This year, our Kelowna dental clinic is putting out a challenge: Why not make a resolution to take better care of your teeth?

Even though we have the best of intentions about caring for them, many of us take our teeth for granted. The best way to ensure you have a healthy smile for life is by doing the little things every day.

Here is our Kelowna dentists’ top suggestions for dental New Year’s Resolutions so you can protect your teeth against disease and keep them healthy and white.

Dental Care New Year’s Resolutions

I will floss.
Like a lot of people, you might not floss regularly, but it’s never too late to making flossing a part of your everyday routine. Sometimes, even mouthwashes and toothbrushes can’t get rid of all the bits of food left in between your teeth after meals. Only floss can scrape away the sugars that, over time, will cause tooth decay and cavities.

To help ensure flossing stays part of your dental routine, include it in another daily ritual. Floss while your kids are having a bath or just before you take a shower.

The tools your dental clinic uses to clean your teeth, such as scalers, are the only instruments that can really remove plaque and stains. Professional dental cleanings set your mouth up for success by getting rid of tartar and debris for healthier, whiter teeth. Plus, these visits are an opportunity for your dentist to spot any signs of cavities so you can take easier, less expensive preventative measures.

I will choose healthy foods and drinks.
Soda, chips, candy, cookies—they all have a high sugar content, and sugar is your mouth’s number one enemy. Sugar residue can quickly lead to cavities and tooth decay. If you love pop and chips, at first try limiting how much you consume of these, and when you do indulge, be sure to brush and rinse afterwards. If you can, eat snacks such as cheese and yogurt. They contain a lot of calcium, which will help protect your teeth.

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